Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Goan Recipes

Goan Recipes

Doce Bhaji

Posted: 26 Jan 2011 06:49 AM PST

Doce Bhaji or Doce Baji the lapsi from Goa, what every family should cook up for nursing mothers to nourish them and also put a smile on their face.

Apart from that, Doce Baji makes a very delicious tea time sweet. Delicious enough for the entire family to forget who it was originally cooked for. We have been blessed with a baby boy on the 23rd of December, and my parents with their third grand child :)

So lets take a look at how to cook up the Doce Bhaji for the entire family!

Doce Bhaji Ingredients:

250 Grams Broken Wheat
1 Coconut for Thick and Thin Coconut Milk
150 Grams or More Sugar
3 Tablespoons Ghee
1/2 Teaspoon Nutmeg
3 - 4 Elaichi
Pinch of Salt
broken wheat or lapsi
The Preparation of Doce Bhaji:

Doce Baji is fairly simple and doesn't take too much time and energy like some of the traditional Goan sweets. Hoping that you have the broken wheat ready, we didn't manage to get the wheat ground at the local mill as they weren't willing to grind only a kilo.

We managed to get a 250 grams packet of broken wheat for Rs 24. The first thing you do is wash it and soak it for around two to three hours so that it cooks faster.
soak broaken wheat
Put your scrapped coconut in the blender to make your thick and thin coconut milk.
blended coconut for milk
Just need to grind half the coconut with extra water for the thin milk and the remaining half with less water for the thick milk.
squeezing the coconut pulp
Then use a muslin cloth to filter the coconut pulp and squeeze the juice out.
coconut milk
Here's the thick and thin coconut milk, you can't make out the consistency in these pictures but in the coming steps you will be able to see the difference.
thick and thin coconut milk
Put the broken wheat on the fire and add the thin coconut milk. Keep stirring the dish occasionally.
mix thin coconut milk with the doce bhaji
Grind the nutmeg for the powder if you don't have it ready, we make fresh nutmeg powder. Actually we try to make all the masala powders ourselves.
grinding the nutmeg
Open up the cardamom pods and crush the insides to gut your cardamom powder.
nutmeg elaichi cardamom powder
Once your doce bhaji looks like what it is in the picture you know its nearly done.
doce bhaji nearly cooked
Add part of the thick coconut milk to the dish and get ready to add the other ingredients.
add thick coconut milk
Just add a wee bit of the coconut milk, not necessary but this is how we did it.
add a small amount of coconut milk
Then the sugar, we have mentioned 150 Grams or more, this it totally dependent on your taste though. You can make it less as well if you like or more if you have a sweet tooth :)
add sugar to the coconut milk
Add a pinch or two of salt to the doce bhaji this again is as per taste!
add a pinch of salt
Add the ghee to the doce bhaji!
add ghee to the doce bhaji
As the ghee melts add the rest of the thick coconut milk and mix it well.
add the rest of the coconut milk
Add the cardamom and nutmeg powder to the dish and mix it up yet again.
add the cardamom and nutmeg powder
Now bring it to a boil again, shouldn't take too long, but keep stirring it so it doesn't get burnt at the bottom.
pour out the doce bhaji into vessels
Pour out the doce bhaji on grease proof paper to cool off and solidify and add some raisins or any other dry fruits you choose to decorate or add more substance to the dish.
decorate the doce bhaji with dry fruits
Once it thickens it can be cut up into nice pieces or eaten whole and enjoyed.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Goan Recipes

Goan Recipes

Feijoada : Red Beans with Pork

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 11:02 AM PST

feijoada masala ingredients
Feijoada is famous enough to have a wiki entry that states, Feijoada is a stew of beans with beef and pork, which is a typical Portuguese dish, also typical in Brazil, Angola and other former Portuguese colonies.

So yet again we have a Goan delicacy that has been handed down to us from the Portuguese, lets cook up some Goan Feijoada.

If you recollect that we had put up a simple recipe called Salted Pork up earlier. Our Feijoada utilizes the salted pork before its ready, so basically you can have two dishes on your table when you make Feijoada. The other option is to use goa sausages and beans to make an even easier Feijoada.

Feijoada Masala Ingredients:

4 Tables Spoons Coconut
1/2 Teaspoon Jeera
1/4 Teaspoon Methi Seeds
1 Table spoons Coriander Seeds
4 - 5 Flakes Garlic
2 Leveled Teaspoons Poppy Seeds or Khus Khus
4 - 5 Pepper Corns
4 - 5 Cloves
Small Ball of Tamarind

Feijoada Main Ingredients:

250 Grams Red Beans (Osanay from Goa, the beans have to be soaked overnight)

Ingredients used for Salted Pork:

500 Grams Pork
2 Onions
4 Kashmiri Chillies
4 Kokam can be cut into tiny pieces

Firstly go to through the Salted Pork recipe and cook it till the pork looks like what it is in the picture below and then keep it aside.
semi cooked salted pork
Here are the Osanay (pronounced as Osahndeh) beans, soaked overnight.
soak osanay red beans in water overnight
Let's just drain out the water and rinse the beans thoroughly.
rinse the beans
Add the beans to your pressure cooker.
add beans to the pressure cooker
Add less water here if you plan on using coconut milk, if your adding water can add a little extra but remember your pressure cookers limitation.
add water and salt to the beans
Add salt to taste, this can be as per your need but not much you have plenty of time later.

Set your cooker on the fire, get on your pan and begin to fry the Feijoada spices to make the masala. Remember when you are frying, start with one ingredient at a time, put the oil first then the chillies and then the next and so on, you can skip the tamarind and garlic.
fry feijoada spices
When thats done, add a spot of water and put it in a blender. Your beans should be done and you have your masala ready as well.
open the lid and let the beans cool
You can add the fejioada masala to the beans in a vessel your going to cook in.
add feijoada masala to the beans
In the next step you can add coconut milk instead of water to give it an even richer taste, we added water as the feijoada masala has coconut in it as well.
add water or coconut milk
Now its time to add the salted pork, this is when you remove it, before it turns reddish brown due to the kokam and heat.
add salted pork to the feijoada
Mix the pork pieces, in the curry, make sure you don't put the Kokams in the feijoada curry.
mix the pork pieces in the curry
Bring the Feijoada to a boil and let it simmer till done.
bring the feijoada to boil
Check the meat pieces and add salt to taste, enjoy your feijoada with rice or pois!
ready to eat feijoada