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[Update] There are 2 new posts in "Simply Recipes"

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There are 2 new posts in "Simply Recipes"

Chicken Normandy

Chicken Normandy

The Normandy region of France, which is North of Paris and lines the English channel, is known for its cream, butter, cheeses, apples, and apple brandy. In this version of Chicken Normandy, or chicken à la normande, we are braising whole chicken legs in apple cider and brandy, and serving them with a sauce made with cooked apples, onions, and cream. Just the thing for the fall. We're using whole chicken legs because the flavor is richer, and the dark meat holds up better to long braising. But you could just as easily use chicken breasts. You can also serve this classic combination of apples, brandy, and cream with other proteins, such as mussels (moules à la normande) or pork.

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Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Sauce

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Sauce

Do you like roasted red bell peppers? You should try them in a pasta sauce! Here's a wonderful roasted bell pepper pasta sauce from the king of sauces himself, Hank Shaw. ~Elise

This is a pasta sauce I came up with when I recently spent a night working the pasta station at Grange restaurant in Sacramento for Chef Michael Tuohy. It is a Spanish-inspired sauce of roasted red peppers, plenty of garlic and a hit of sage – it's similar to the flavors in my favorite wild game stew, a dish from the Spanish region of Aragon called chilindron.

I originally made the sauce to go with pici pasta, a hand-rolled, fat spaghetti-like shape that is a little like a marriage between bucatini and Japanese udon noodles. If you can find bucatini, which are fat spaghetti noodles with a hole in the center of them, use that. If not, use regular spaghetti. Can you use another shape? Sure, just don't go too fine: Penne is great, angel hair is not.

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