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Increased Urination

tgb6yhn4rfv .Just how much. of a r.isk do cert*ain food all_ergens pose in' classroom*s, cafeteria.s, on sc_hool ,ground? 'If you have n*ew symptoms of- dia,rrhea, mak*e your doctor awa-re +of any antibiot-ics -you have taken. 'Many men fe,el tha't the sexual e_ncou.nter must end' if he st.arts to lose an _erect.ion. But this i.s' no so! I *will never buy .another antibi_o.tic becaus*e this one ha*s proved its, efficiency,. It's the .best! Vege-tabl*es, fish a'nd flakes are much_ health,ier th,an fried .potato an+d fatty meat! Ta'ke care of y.ou! Are y+ou easi+ly irr,itated? Do _you feel lone_ly very ofte+n? Boy,, it must be depr_ess'ion! Time to ac,t! +It's not clear +if overus*ing Albu,terol incr,eases the+ risk of a fa.tal attack*, but ,you'd better .not abuse i+t. Shrimps, *peanuts, +fruits _or vegetables a_re most w'ide spread- food aller,gen's. Eat reasonably+! About' 50 mill_ion people .in the United ,States su'ffer, from some form of* all+ergy and asthma._ Lack o_f movement _and fatty ,food .get you closer, to heart diso'rder_s and hig,h cholesterol, level. H,unched sho'ulders often *occur 'during You_ should know all- the sympto-ms, of the di_sease. Look for way*s t-hat you .might be di*stracting yo+urself .during sexual. activity. Atten-tion' matters! We do -no*t sell tri+cky mixtu-res and unknow_n drugs! We t'horoughly -choose be,st med_icines for you_. If you want* to get t,he p*ounds and, inches off' as quickly -and easily a-s possibl_e try HGH supp,lemen*ts. Aft,er continued use ,of pain k-illing dru*gs, mild+ side .effects usually* resolve w'ithin a fe*w days. Wh*en scientis-ts firs*t synthe+tically pr+oduced HGH, _did they r,eally cr_eate the mythical, "elixir' of y,outh"? My* doctor high,ly recom_mended this H.GH spray as a ,safe and *natu'ral product wi_thou,t any side effects'. Things -tha-t cause no trou_ble +for most peopl,e can -cause people wit,h to have_ an attack. T+hey say impote'nce i+s a punis+hment f-or wrong deeds men +do.+ To tell you .the trut-h it's a stupid, i_dea! Today i.s your l_ucky day! You c,an not only* improve. your sexua*l performance, but also s'ave+ money. 'In some case*s, erectile dys*function may* be +an early signa*l o*f heart or blood +vessel dis+ease. ,Many peopl*e can't deal w_ith pain wi.thout pai*n med+ications bu't Dr.s won't pr*escrib.e them these d.ays._ There's no. need t+o fear all-fiber d.iet i-n your ef-forts to keep yo+ur choles,terol level.s under 'contr_ol. For many ,men o*f your age it is i'mpossibl.e to_ maintain erect,ion sufficien_t for h_aving norm-al sex. If yo'u suffer f.rom any typ+e of dep+ression you*'d better_ ask 'your doctor fo+r profess_ional' help, man! Ob'esity conseque*nces can af.f-ect your h+ealth condi-tion the wa,y you don'_t even imagin_e. Bewar-e! Today whe,n obesity .is on -the rise througho-ut the wor+ld y.ou should be at.tentive to w,hat you- eat. Peo,ple often neg_lect the,ir cond,itions. Y*ou may not un,derstand .that you ar+e ill, -and do need, help! No m'atter how hard 'you try, i*mp_otence don't- leave you +a chance., But there is +onl*y 1 trusted _way! In child_hood, more+ males than 'femal-es have asthm_a. In th-e teen year+s, this s,hifts to more* fem,ales. Cutting ,back on t+elevis-ion may be positive st.ep in over'coming de,pressive- conditions. -Some- vitamins are_ synthes_ized in the bo+dy. But they 'are v_ery few & -you have to. eat healthy_ food! Unbeli.evable -effect, certain f_oods have- on your chole'sterol level+! Rea'd more to pr,otect yourself.! Children+ i.n schools in high*-traffic en*viron,ments ha-ve a 45% increa,sed 'risk of dev.eloping asthma. Th*is medic.ation- was mea*nt to bring. harmony ,and health int,o your sexua+l life_! Try it out* now! Sedentary. way +of lif-e is one of the m+ost popula+r rea_sons for people +to, gain extra weig+ht and suffe.r. Do* you know what -are the ris.k- factors for deve_loping an ,addicti.on to prescript_ion pain'killer-s? All you ne*ed i_s sex! To make s-ure your lif*e is _full of se+x, try out this -brand ne*w m'edication n.ow! Best -way to treat ch*olesterol. in kids _is with a diet a,nd ,exercise .program invol.ving t,he family. If y_ou are not s,atisfi_ed with you.r weight+ remember, ther-e're many' successf+ul way_s to treat ,obesity! T_he dose of paink,illin'g drugs yo,u take will be c*ar-efully tailor,ed to you.r own special n,eeds.+ Remember that- to.o much of pain reli-ef m*edicati*on can lead to. liver damag'e and eve-n death. L,earn mor-e about depre_ssion, av,ailable t'reatment. options, and t,ips for .coping with +the ill,ness. No matter+ how weal'thy and 'succe+ssful you are, yo,u can als+o become ,a vi'ctim of erectile_ dysfun*ction. The fact*s about c,hildren a'nd ob+esity are' some of the mo+st shocking., Contact, us to learn, mor-e! Read more about. good hygi*en-e and preventive c-are to red,uce in+fectio,ns and ast'hma chance._ A major cause _of severe a.sthma is 'ciga'rette smoke, ei*ther 1,st or 2nd hand. A*void s'moking! ,Protect yo-urself fr*om allergy *& dust mites .by coverin+g your bed,ding with* dust mite pro.of c+overs. How_ do you expe*ct your hea+lth care- provider* to ac,t if your child fa'lls ill wit'h a -serious infecti*on?. Obesity increas+es your +risk of dev_elopi_ng gallbla.dder disease, typ,e 2 d.iabetes & h,eart disease.+ If you've +ga.ined a precious_ gift of alle-rgic rea.ctions from .nature, y+ou shou_ld never give u+p. Men oft+en de+velop er*ections in n-on-sexual situa'tions. +For ex-ample when sl+eeping-. Try to use it! +I h'ave severe pain', but my d_octor pr,escribes not*hing stronger, th'an meds for +mild to' moderate pain+. In o_ur on-line pharm-acy you wil'l find t-he best se,lectio,n of diff'erent allergy trea,tme_nt optio*ns! Your central .nervou+s system ca*n be so affecte,d by se-vere daily -pain, p,eople won't re'cognize -you. Si_nce the t+ime when men. faced erectil'e dysfun,ction they h_ave been tr.ying to fi'nd the tre+atme.nt! It's easy to* get rid+ of e*rectile dysfu,nctio_n if you ch'ose the right m.edica-tion! Try it ou+t! Lack of* movem'ent and -fatty food ge't you closer to. heart+ disorder*s and h+igh cholesterol le,vel. My_ sister manag_ed to .overcome a sev_ere post-n+atal +depressi+on. That time was_ unbearable, fo_r her. Protect' your-self from all+ergy & d.ust mites by co+veri*ng your bedding. with dus-t mite proof ,cov+ers. I h.ave been t*old that I+ need to wait+ two mor'e years for. a knee repl'acement. ,Pain will ,kill me faste'r! When pe-ople have_ nothin-g to do th*ey eat. & when 'they e-at too muc*h they 'develop extra, weight.. It can be .helpful *to know som+e facts a,bout painkilling dr-ug,s when you are_ starti-ng to take them. -Nat.ural ingre,dients is ,the newest- trend is erectil+e dys*function treat+me'nt! See with yo_ur own e-yes! Even if +you ca*n bear the pa_in it's- better t +stop it wit-h pain killi*ng medication _that. to suffer. W.e all have on.e pain bu-t the ,ways out are- diff+erent. Somethi_ng that, is useless for m*e .will help+ you! Human growth- hormone* also hel,ps vision, *memory an-d makes the_ immune syst,em stronger'. Hope'lessness, ange-r and de*pression ca-n be the caus,es of obes.ity in peo+pl+e! Your mood ma.tters+! What exactly are' ant,ibiotics? Antib,iotic's are drugs_ that kill, bacteria, 'but none of +viruses. In. de-veloped countrie.s, antib'iotics +are the 2nd most *widely us+ed' class of drugs a.fter analg-esics. Most' research,ers b,elieve th,at differen't pattern_s of asthma -are all relate+d to one co'ndi+tion. It is muc,h easier t'o think that -ther*e's nothi_ng you can d+o about impot-ence. Is 'it r,eally your choice?, For.get about exh-austing, hu_man gr.owth horm-one will provide y+ou with ex'ce*llent muscles. Mo+re half of he,art stroke*s are caused *by ex*tremely ,high cholesterol, lev-el in peo+ple's blood. On.ce you start *to 'delve into a few .obesity ,facts, yo.u may +be surprise*d to learn the *whole t'ruth. .Recent res.earch finds that u*se of *high-dos-e opioids does, not signi'ficantly i*ncrease ris+k of+ death. you ever ex,perienced dreadfu*l pain t+hat ca_n not be endured,? You'r'e lucky if have_ not! It i,s ,estimated th+at more than+ 150 'people in the 'USA die a *year from a *severe al+lergic reac-tion+. The body starts t*o 'slow produ,ction of hum'an grow-th hormone by the a,ge of .30.How old ar,e you,, man? What is+ happi,ness for you? F_or me it ha*s been no_rmal sexual* activity,_ ever. since .I lost my girlfri+end*. This me.dication will p-rovide you -with the+ sexual e_nergy you -need to li-ve happily!+ Discover whic*h forms of- exerci*se are bes,t for peopl_e with a,sthma and+ how to* control it. A- broad spectr*um antibioti_c i_s one that can. kill many di,ffer.ent typ,es of bacteria. Not_ +all of them+! Even if the is. the first feelin'g yo'u have +in the, aspi,rin should n_ot be you,r breakfast. I's asthma p,reventing, you from exer'cising.? It doesn'+t have to! Exe_rcise he_lps +people control *the d+isease Cholester,ol is a,n essential .type o-f fat carri'ed in the bl,ood. But -too much o'f it i_s not good f.or you! than 200 dif.ferent+ agents have be,en identi.fied as po.ssible _asthma+ triggers, and th-e li,st grows., People who .suffer from co+nstant he.adaches oft.en persuad*e themsel'ves to take pa,in-killing dr*ugs. If you fight 'with sev*ere obesit'y with crash_ di-eting you s_hould be re_ady to regain -weight ver*y soon. One_ of, the best ways *to tackle a _potent.ial choles-terol p+roblem is to 'be informed .of t'he illness .facts. Eggs -are high+ in chol*esterol, but *there is no rule* that you .can't have* an' egg or 2* from time to time*. Don'_t wait to'o long! Try ou,r brand ne-w im.potence tre'atment! It'l*l mak.e your dreams co,me tru*e! If yo.u treat obesit.y, the succe-ss d-epends on ,your mood, your 'health, & -your de.sire to get s'limm'er! When you fe-el depre-ssed and _lonely, .it's better+ to have a cu_p of t+ea & visit your_ closest f*riends. +When people sta+rt *desperately lookin*g f.or an effe,ctive painkiller, they *often -don't notice the -effect! Ma-ny people re-port na*usea and som*etimes v+omiting a*fter t_aking stron'g pain relief med_ications*. Abou.t 33.3 p+ercent of Ame+rican men a-nd about 3'5.3 percent of, American, women are ,obese'. With an inhal*er, th*ere are fewe.r side' effects due -to the fa+ct that the dr_ug goe*s directly +to the lu+ngs. What is h-appiness +fo,r you? For, me it has- been normal sexu'al activi*ty, ever si,nce I lost m+y' girlfriend. The_re are hun.dreds of asthma+tics. Stop, suffering. in solitud*e! Ta-ke good care *of yourself!* Every day. of my *life I used* to up with on-e praye_r on my lips –- God, let .me stay- sexuall'y active! I h-ave severe pain,_ but my .doctor pr,escrib'es nothing stron+ger- than meds for mil_d to mode'rate pa+in. Men ,are les_s likely to seek me+dical* atten.tion than women*. And their p'roblems 'remai,n uncured.' Impotence of+ten pl-ays dirty trick-s and comes- without warn+in.g. But there's 'some*thing to prevent i't! ,Best way t_o treat chol*esterol *in kids is with+ a diet and e'xercis*e pro*gram involvin+g the family. -Production o.f antibiot+ics is the+ most ,innovat'ive and e+xperimental fi*eld in pharma,ceutical in+dus+try. Vitamin E_ is actuall'y an term f'or a group_ of com'pounds ca.lled tocopherol,s & toc*otrienols A,bout- 75% of patien.ts with ast+hma als-o have f_requent gast-roesophageal r*eflu.x disease. Studi'es confi-rm that we* may soon +see asthma pa-tient_s being advise.d to re'duce fat in +their *diets. Re-lieving headache,. muscl'e aches+ & other minor ac+hes & pa+in is pr+etty eas+y with our_ medication! I *remember t-he d,ay when I b-ought this antib-ioti'c! That day, my son+ was reborn and 'started+ new life M-en often deve_lop erectio-ns in non+-sexual sit'uations. F_or example _w-hen sleeping. Try' to .use it! My doctor +a+lways objects an'y antibioti_cs, mode'rn or traditio*nal! Gen'erally he''s a -weird pers.on! Normal level -of sexua,l act,ivity can be achie've*d with the help o,f surgery, _but 'it is not *the way out. Yo'ur bl+ood cholestero+l level h_as a lot to- do with y'our chances ,of ge+tting *heart disease.._. mor.e You don't- have to suffer f'rom impoten.ce to tak+e .pills that -will drive, your sexual p+otency sky hig*h!* Depression i.s a serious en-emy._ You should be w+ell inform+ed in o*rder to win t.he battle,! G+et ready! A'ntibiotic*s are some of the' most pop+ular and wide'ly us-ed medications* al,l over the w-orld! In our- on-line*y you wil'l find the be_st selection of, differen*t all*ergy treatment op_tions! I_ can tell -you wh*at you need w,hen depr-ession knocks o,n your 'door! These *pills+ will help you! *Pollen is _alr_eady here-! It's time t*o close y+our windows, and door,s or… take a ,pill *& enjoy life_! Major_ depressive disor.der, ,dysthymic disorde,r, an.d bipola*r disorder s+poils lives of- mi_llions. You- are old* enough to u,nderstand what d*ang.ers are conne+cted with chol.estero*l in food you e_at. Do, you still ,belie+ve that there i+s suc_h thing as an_ effectiv,e pain killin'g medica,tion? ,You are lucky! M.uscl,es around your bre*athing +tubes tight.en, this is w+hat happ_ens when y.ou suffe,r from asthm,a. Ev_en if you have n.o problem.s with sex+ual pe-rforma_nce you wil*l see the. difference trying* the drug!' E*ighty per cent of 'the choles-terol. we have is prod+uced+ within our own +body – mo'stly by ,the liver. .It is qu'ite safe to ta_ke ,your pain relief_ drug fo.r as long. as you ne,ed to, i*f it is hel+ping your p_ain. When *you ar_e dreaming -only about- taking a rest fr*om your p,ain is-n't it t_ime for paink,illers? Abo+ut 33.3 perc+ent of Am*eric+an men and about' 35.3 p*ercent of -American wome,n are o-bese. May b+e it's better .to pills -for depression t_reatmen_t in *advance than. to regret you di'dn't. You+ canno_t outgr'ow asthma. T*he symptom-s, however, may ,reo'ccur anytime -in adul_thood. If you' give up, your- life wi,ll r_emain unbea_rable. But if, you believ*e you'll* win the batt.le one _day! Y_ou ask me why I. take these p_ills eve_ry nig,ht? Because I -know that- my show must* go on! *There's_ also anoth'er possible 'asthmatic. trigger in *beddin*g except for sk-in+ cells and that-'s feathers+. Even if+ you have be*en suffer+ing fr-om allergy s'ince yo,u were a child som+e*thing can be don,e! Vitami-n K play.s an impo'rtant role i_n blood cl.otting & bone 'mass i'n post-menopausal wom.en. Nat_ural ingre-dients is t'he newest t'rend is ere'ctile dysfuncti,on tr'eatment! 'See with your +own. eyes! What. drugs do you c_hoose whe+n your child s_uddenly +falls ill? 'The correc.t answer i_s to c_all a doctor'. Asthma in d.ensel-y populate*d cities o+ften are mor*e severe that' the same _disea*se in th*e country. We_ offer _you an unp-recedent'ed opportunity *of buying chea_p choleste'ro-l lowering d*rugs! Much -smaller ,than a g,rain of sand, hor_rible dust m,ites are t*oo tiny t-o _be seen with the* human* eye. Before- antibiotics,, childre+n suffered -severe comp.lications' from routi_ne ch*ildhood ail_ments. -After a meal,, dietary chole-sterol i*s absorbe,d from the- foods* you eat and stored' in_ the liver._ Dozens- of business+men and wo_men lost their c-areers -and p_erspective,s only of depression!, +What is your l*ifetime g*oal? Is it resto.ring yo_ur potency! O'h, man it''s ea'sy as A-B-C! So,metimes an,tib-iotics may cau+se stomach up+sets, *diarrh_ea, yeast infecti_ons o.r other pro'blems. S-ome members of v+itam-in B comp-lex are synthes+ized by mic,roorga'nisms in the int*estinal tra.ct.' This new medi*cation fro,m the heart_ of Africa -na'turally work.s magic! M_y erection _is just aw.esome! I recen,tly r'ead a book_ written ,for physi,cians called Fa.tal Asthma. 'I would_n't recommend+ it thou-gh. Ketoc+onazole Cream, (nizo.ral, Kuric) .Haridra — Ayu.rved+a, Allergy no+rlevo Dul.colax_ (Bisacodyl) Ske-laxin (M+etaxalon'e, pain, musc*le re'laxer, muscle. rela'xant) Chloroquine- (aralen, A+vl,oclor, Cadiquin, .Del+agil, Lagaquin, -Malaquin_, Malarex, Mal+arivon, Mal'iaquin_e, Maqui_ne, Nivaquine,. Resoc+hin, Ch+lorquin) ze+ntel Retin*-A — Acne, Blac-kheads+, Whiteheads,, Skin .Health Non_-Specific Der*matitis _Xopenex (Lev_osalbuta*mol, lev.albuterol, Levolin_). Diamox [diamo+x] (Aceta,zolamide), Pristiq [p-ristiq] (-desvenlafaxine.) Star_lix — Diabe_tes, Blood. Sugar I .Imitrex (Suma.tript-an, Imigran, pai+n) B+rahmi bronchial a,sthma kolk-isin S'ingulair [sin-gulair] _(Mont'elukast, singu-lar) flohale d-inex ,Casodex [caso*dex] -(Bicalutamide, Co'sudex, C,alutid-e, Kalumid,' Bicalo_x) quellada' Atrovent [at*rovent] (-Ipratro-pium Inhalatio.n, Apovent, aer.on, Aerov-ent, Aprove.n, At+em, Ipra.vent) mi.noxidil parkinsoni,sm system*ic lu-pus eryt-hematosus derali'n ben-tann a_nthelmi.ntic Im,munosupp.ressant Danazol (Da.nocrine) + l,atanoprost .timolol Pristi*q — Depr,ession, Maj.or Depressive_ Disord*er Vitam,in E — Vitamin .Accutan*e (Isotretin_oin, Amnest_eem, Clar_avis, Decutan+, I.sotane, Sot,ret, Oratane, +Roaccut,ane, Izotek*, acutane,_ acne) He-artz (Large .Dogs) +[heartzl] (He-artgard Plus,' Iverm+ectin, Pyrant'el Pamoate) .Prosca.r (Fina*steride, Propecia+) concorz- Dil*antin (Phenytoin*, Pheny.tek, Epamin, -Epa.nutin,,, Phenhyd_an) clara_c Phenerg_an [phenergan] (P_rometh+azine, +Prometheg-an, Romergan, Farg'an, Farga.nes+se, Prothiazine, Av'omine, A,tosil, R,eceptozine, Le*rg.igan) Capillaria*sis 'Ovral G (N,orgestrel+, Ethinyloestradio-l) Vi_agra Super_ Active+ —- Erectil'e Dysfunctio*n, Male Enhan*cement, Er-ection, _Impotence — Aller-g.y, Antihis,tamine, Allerg+ic Rhinitis. Rumalay+a (arthritis,. pain) G-okshura — +Ayurve-da, Urina*ry Tract Infe_ctions,. Kidney Stones_, Diur.etic, Painf*ul Urination L,amisil — Infectio*ns, Fun_gus xylocain-e bph A Aba_na He_artCare r Probe*nec-id (Benuryl, ,Benemi'd, Probalan) Azor- — Hig*h Blood P-ressure, Hypert.ension . Coza+ar — Diabe+tic Nephropathy+, High Blo-od Pres_sure, Hy_pertension, Diabe'tes, .Stroke, S.troke Risk, L-eft Vent'ricular Hype,rtrophy S*leep Tea — A-yurveda, -Sleep, Ins+omnia -fosamax S+terapred — Al-lergy, Chronic O+bstruc,tive Pulmo.nary Disease-, Psoriasis,+ Ul_cerative Col'itis, Arth*ritis, Lupus,, Ad'dison's Dise*ase Adefovir (_Adefovir di*piv-oxil) Karela [kar*ela] stro'ngy.loidiasis Va'ginitis Penis G+rowt,h Pills (p*enis grow-th, penis enlarger-) Propecia -[pr,opecia] (Finast*erid'e, Proscar,. Fincar, F-inpecia, Finax, 'Fina_st, Finara, F'inalo, Proster,ide, -Gefina, Finast,erid IVA'X, Finaster+id Alterno'va) An_tioxidant anti .flu face *mask m-alaseb d+efanyl Diltiaz-em Cre,am (diltiazem oin*tme-nt, diltiazem* cream) . solax quiess L,ipotrexate *(Weight ,Loss', diet, di,et pills) tryptiz'ol Skelaxin. (Me-taxalone, pain, *muscle r+elaxer, muscl*e 'relaxant) Heartw.orms fur-azolidone tine_a corp,oris Ja+nuvia (Sitag-liptin) IBS- Atopi.c Dermatitis In D+ogs Maxaman' — E.rectile -Dysfunction, M_ale Enhanc.ement, Er,ection-, ED, Impotence ki-dney -transplant rabe'praz_ole janumet .Zelnorm (T,egaser.od, Zelmac) Dif_lucan (Fl,uconazol'e, Trican) h_epatitis b pr-il+ocaine trazon'il Inhal-er hydroxyzine .Muscu,lar Aches tyl*enol furaz_olidone Hoodia_ Patch — W+eight +Loss, O,besity Protektor -Spra-y (Frontlin,e, fipronil) Fem-ale R'x Plus Oil Pep.cid — Hear,tbur_n, Sour Stomach,- Peptic Ul_cer, G'astroe,sophageal Reflux D'isease, GE'RD. cefuhexal Osteop,oro'sis preven_tion Capecitabi+ne — ,Cancer, Che*motherapy, Breas_t Canc_er stop smokin+g fr,equency disper_mox musc.le relaxant* rheumato-id arthritis 'Adefovir (Ad_efovi.r dipivoxil) ep*anutin _diph,en T Tagara — Ay'urveda, Sl+eep, Ins-omnia Drug +Addic+tion Hyzaar (losa_rtan + hyd+roc_hlorthiazide) — Blo-od Pres.sure, Hypertens.ion, Strok,e Risk Reduc*tion+ nimodipine Fem*ara [fem_ara] (Le'trozol_e, Femar, Trozet), H*imcolin [hi_mcolin] lipitor, Singulair+ — As'thma, Bronch_ospasm, Aller_gy r,ebose travel+er's diarr,hea Smok-OX _cyprohept-adine rimonaban.t *acai primpera,n faverin Pherom*one- Perfume for *Women [a.ndroste'noneforwomen] (andr'ost,enone) Buspar, (Buspirone, A,nsial, A_nsiced,* Anxiron, Axore'n, Bes+par, Busp-imen, Buspinol_, Busp.isal, ,Narol, Spitomin, So.rbon) Ri'ngw_orm micardis l'osartan' lozol dalaci*n Uroxa_tral — Enlar,ged Pros,tate, BPH, Be'nign Pros+tatic+ Hyperplasia Sm,ok-OX .Acai Natural Ener'gy Boo-st (acai) vasos-pas-tic angina ,Celebrex — *Osteoart,hritis, -Ankylosing S.pondylitis, Juven*ile R-heumatoid* Arthritis, *JRA, Rheuma*toid *Arthritis, Pain,_ Dysmen+orrhea, Famil-ial Adenoma_tous, FAP sore thr+oat lozap-in Genta_micin Eye D,rops (Al'comicin, A,pigent, Biogar.acin, C*idomyci-n, Diakarmon,_ Epigent, Garam,icina', Garamyci,n, Genoptic, Gen,sumycin, _Gental+line, Gentamen,, Genta'mina,+ Gentamytr'ex, Gentarad, Gent-asporin', Genticin,, Gen+ticyn, Opht.agram, Optimycin+, Re+fobacin, S,ulmycin) ten_ormin Menosan ,[menosan] A-ld'actone (Spironol'actone, N-ovo-Spir-oton, Aldactaz_ide,- Spiractin, Sp.irotone+, Verospir*on, shall'aki zyb'an Lotrel — High _Bloo-d Pressure, Hy'pertension c'eglution N-eurobion Fo.rte (B1.+B6+B12) Lepr*osy

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