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[Update] There are 2 new posts in "Simply Recipes"

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There are 2 new posts in "Simply Recipes"

Hawaiian Oxtail Soup

Hawaiian Oxtail Soup

Oxtails! My oh my how I love oxtails. We grew up with oxtail stew, a deeply rich, hearty stew perfect for cold days. You don't find them that often in the market, so when they appear I'll usually pick up a few pounds. The oxtail is the tail of a steer, usually cut into segments. It is a flavorful, tough cut, perfect for slow braising in stews or soups, well marbled with fat, and here's the best part, the bones have a ton of collagen, so good for making a gelatinous stock.

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Tis the season for pecans! Please welcome Alabama belle Steve-Anna Stephens as she shares this classic Southern pecan praline candy recipe. ~Elise

Growing up in our house it was generally understood that if there were no more pecans in the can of salted mixed nuts, it was because I got to it first. As a rule, I'm more inclined to go for the salty than the sweet. In fact, I'm not much for candy in general, but anything with sugar and nuts is tempting. And, if the nuts happen to be pecans, well, get out of the way. So if you're from the South (or if you've ever visited the South) and you've tasted pecan pralines, you would be correct in assuming that these are one of my all-time favorite sweets. The crunchy pecans and the rich, buttery sauce give them a distinct flavor that takes me straight back to the South, no matter where I am.

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