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Goan Recipes

Goan Recipes

Kokad ~ Christmas Goes Coconuts!

Posted: 09 Dec 2011 11:59 PM PST

All Goan sweets require a lot of patience to get them right, getting them right the first time is always a task, the most important thing is to know when your sweet is ready to take off the fire the Kokad, Milk Cream, ,Doss, Coconut Ice all of them need to be removed when they begin to leave the vessel and form a ball.

Another way to know is when you pat the ball andit doesn't stick to your hand. If you remove it too early you can always put it back on the fire. If it is removed late, you can try adding milk and heating it again, but this is not recommended as then you end up getting hard lumps in the sweet.

Anyway we are confident that you will do it, so here comes another Goan Christmas Sweet, Kokad!

Kokad Ingredients:

1 Coconut (Scraped & Ground without Water)
300 Gms Rawa Semolina
650 Gms Sugar
2 Table Spoons Ghee
10 Cardamoms Ground
Water 3/4th Cup
Color Optional


Pour the water in a big vessel and place it on the fire

Add the sugar and give it a stir.

While the sugar water is heating, roast the rava in another kadhai, generally done on slow fire so it doesn't burn.

When the sugar water begins to boil, add the ground tender coconut to it and mix it well.

By this time the rava should be roasted, add it to the Kokad mixture and stir again.

If you like sprinkle a pinch of salt, although its completely optional depending on your taste buds.

Stir the concoction on a medium flame

Now add the ghee and butter when its reasonably thick.

Continue to stir till the Kokad mixture thickens, that should take around 45-50 minutes, and like my 93-year old grandmother says - the essential ingredients of any Goan sweet is love and patience. You need to keep stirring the mixture and ensure it doesn't stick to the vessel, so you need loads of patience, while any dish made with love always turns out delicious.

Once you find the mixture thick enough that its difficult to stir, then sprinkle some cardamom powder. Its preferably added towards the end to retain the aroma and flavour of this delicious Indian spice.

Stir till the Cardamom is evenly mixed.

Apply some butter or ghee on a flat surface to spread the Kokad mixture.

Flatten it with a rolling pin while its hot.

Also use your hands to make it even and give the edges a round smooth shape.

Cut diamond-shape pieces and Kokad, a delectable Goan sweet, is ready to eat. Hope you enjoy this one, right in time for a special Christmas Season :)


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