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[Update] There are 3 new posts in "Simply Recipes"

Simply Recipes

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There are 3 new posts in "Simply Recipes"

Southern Cornbread

Southern Cornbread

Anytime you put the words "Southern" in front of a dish, it's likely to stir up controversy, and cornbread is no exception. It seems like every person I've ever known from the South has their favorite way of making it, and every way is different. But the thing that distinguishes Southern cornbread from, say Yankee cornbread, or any other cornbread one is likely to eat outside of the southern states, is that it is savory, not particularly sweet, and it is made mostly with cornmeal. Northern cornbreads tend to be more cake-like, on the sweet side, with a finer crumb due to more flour in the mixture. Southern cornbread is flavored with bacon grease, and cooked in a cast iron skillet, a perfect side for barbecues, or chili.

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Fesenjan Persian Chicken Stew with Walnut and Pomegranate Sauce

Fesenjan Persian Chicken Stew with Walnut and Pomegranate Sauce

Fall is here, and in our little corner of Sacramento, that means walnuts and pomegranates. First the walnuts make an appearance, dropping cleanly out of their thick green husks. If the neighborhood crows are lucky, walnuts will bounce onto the pavement to be run over by passing cars, yielding an instant feast for the birds. If not, the crows will scoop up whole walnuts in their beaks, fly high and drop them, hoping the nuts crack open when they hit the ground. Next to ripen are the pomegranates. With the shorter days the pomegranates become ruby red, but that doesn't mean they're ready. It's when they start to crack open, revealing the jewels inside, that it's time to pick.

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Sesame Brittle

Sesame Brittle

My mother and I share a secret (well maybe not so secret) indulgence. Sesame brittle. Our local health food store almost always has it available, and sometimes we'll make a trip to that store to buy whatever, it doesn't matter, the real reason is to satisfy a hankering for sesame brittle.

Now that I've discovered how easy it is to make, I think mom and I are doomed.

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