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Goan Recipes

Goan Recipes

KulKuls ~ Crunchy and Golden Brown

Posted: 20 Dec 2012 07:28 PM PST

Kulkuls forms an integral part of the sweets distributed to family and friends during Christmas. Some say that its a form of Filhoses Enrolodas, the Portugese Christmas sweet, although if any of you know more about the history of Kulkuls, do feel free to share.

But for now, we have our Kulkul recipe, with a lot of pictures to ease you through the process of making this crunchy delight!

kulkul ingredients

Kulkul Ingredients:

300 Gms Flour
3 Table Spoons Butter
50 Gms Castor Sugar (Powdered Sugar)
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
1 Egg Yoke
Coconut Milk for Kneading


Kulkuls are relatively simple to make and do take a bit of skill and as usual patience. Start off by melting the butter.

add egg yolk and vanilla essence to maida and sugar

Pour the melted butter onto the flour, add the yoke to it. Next comes the vanilla essence.

kulkul mix ready to knead

Now that your Kulkul mixture is ready add the sugar to it add you can begin kneading.

kneading kulkul ingredients

To assist with the kneading add the coconut milk. Dont pour it all in one go, pour and knead so you don't end up over doing it.

add coconut milk to the mixture

This shouldn't take too long.

kneading kulkul dough

When the mixture begins to leave the vessel you know you're getting done.

making kulkul dough

Finally, that wasn't so tedious was it :)

kulkul dough mix is ready

Place a moist/damp cloth and place it over the dough for 10 minutes.

cover the dough with a damp cloth

Post that your dough is ready to use, its time to now begin making the Kulkuls.

take small portion of the dough

Take a small portion of the dough and spread it evenly

spread it evenly on a comb

Once its flattened you need to roll it

Start with the thin bottom part and progress to the top and then from left to right or right to left whichever you prefer.
start rolling from the thin patch /></a><br />  <br />  Once its rolled, seal the edges by applying a little pressure with your fingers.<br />  <br />  <a href=seal the edges with your fingers

Your Kulkuls are ready to be fried, use a grease proof paper, to keep them until you make a bunch of them. Remember to add a little flour to the storing medium so the kulkuls don't get stuck to it.

kulkuls ready to be fried

Lets take a look at making Kulkul shells now.

apply flour to the surface /></a><br />  <br />  Roll a piece of dough<br />  <br />  <a href=take medium size balls from the dough

Just like a roti

start rolling the dough

Use a pastry cutter and cut the dough into squares, first cut it either horizontal or vertically.

once rolled use cutter to make small squares

Then the other way.

cut squares

Once your squares are done, pick up one of the squares

fold the opposite ends diagonally

Fold the opposite ends of the square diagonally
fold the other two opposite ends

Then the other two opposite ends from the other side.

press the ends gently with fingers

Press the ends gently with your fingers and seal them

different kulkul designs

Your shell designs are ready to be fried.

kulkuls ready to be fried

Now that we have our bunch of Kulkuls ready, its time to heat up some oil.

designs for kulkuls

Once the oil is hot, put in your first batch of Kalkals

frying kulkuls

Fry your kulkuls till golden brown, make sure they don't get burnt :)
fry till golden brown

Remove and place on a grease proof paper for the oil to drain out

ready to eat kulkuls

There you go, your Kulkuls are ready. Have a good Goan Christmas :)

kulkuls christmas sweets

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