Saturday, 29 June 2013

There are 3 new posts in "Simply Recipes"

There are 3 new posts in "Simply Recipes"

Grilled Salmon with Dill Butter

Do you have your grill on? Here’s a quick and easy way to grill salmon. No marinade required. The trick to grilled salmon, so that your fillets stay whole and don’t fall through the grill grates, is to use skin-on pieces. Grill the salmon flesh side down first. Once you have some grill marks, turn over the salmon so that now the skin-side is on the grill. As the salmon cooks, the flesh tends to flake, but if the salmon does most of its cooking skin-side down, the skin will help keep the salmon together so it doesn’t flake apart into the grill. A little butter with dill is all you need to serve, with a few slices of lemon. Perfect!

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Cucumber Salad with Grapes and Almonds

Good morning summer and hello cucumbers! What’s your favorite cucumber? Lemon cucumber? English? Armenian? How about pickling? For many years I’ve grown lemon cucumbers, which are yellow and the size of a large lemon when ripe. They look sort of cool, but they can get seedy and they can be somewhat awkward to handle. This year I decided to plant Persian cucumbers instead, which are more delicate than the normal garden variety, and thin-skinned, perfect for salads. I hope you like cucumbers dear readers, because the summer has just begun and already my plant is taking over the sunny corner of the garden. It grows mad like zucchini, but with smaller leaves and a more vine-y approach to life.

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Buckwheat Waffles

Do you like buckwheat? When I lived in Japan I used to eat buckwheat soba noodles all the time, and a few years ago I started making buckwheat pancakes which have become a favorite. The taste is a little bit like whole wheat or whole grain versus white flour, but not wheat-y. Buckwheat isn’t actually grain—it isn’t a grass, but a plant that produces seeds that are used like wheat, hence the name. It is completely gluten-free. So if you are trying to avoid gluten for any reason (my mother and I are a bit sensitive to gluten), buckwheat is a great option.

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