Friday, 1 November 2013

Simply Recipes: 2 New Recipes - Sopa Seca de Fideo with Tomatillos and more...

Sopa Seca de Fideo with Tomatillos

Are you familiar with sopa seca de fideo? It’s a classic Mexican side dish, made much like Mexican or Spanish rice, but instead of browning rice and cooking it in broth, you brown thin pasta noodles (fideo) and cook them in broth. “Sopa seca” means “dry soup” which describes the result of noodles absorbing all of the stock.

It is one of my family’s favorite dishes of all time. Which is why when my friend Garrett popped by one day with a sopa seca de fideo that he had just made with our mutual friend Peg, a version that used tomatillo sauce instead of a tomatoes, and garnished it with goat cheese and chorizo, I couldn’t wait to try it. 

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Italian Egg Drop Soup, Stracciatella

For the last week or so I’ve been somewhat under the weather. Do you know that feeling where you don’t yet have a cold, but it feels like one is about to happen? That’s me. Tired, a little achey, a little grumpy, all I want to do is curl up on my couch under a warm blanket, sip honey and lemon tea, and take a nap.

Stracciatella, an Italian version of egg drop soup, is made for days like these. “Stracciatella” means “little shred” in Italian, which well describes the “shreds” of egg in this light, nourishing soup. At its essence, the soup is hot chicken broth into which a paste of beaten egg and Parmesan cheese has been stirred and cooked. You can also add greens or mix some bread crumbs or semolina flour in with the egg mixture for a little more body.

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